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No weeknotes yesterday because, having just got over ten days of coughing, my body decided to host a cold and I spent most of the day leaking from my nose. So I sat on the sofa feeling rubbish, consuming undemanding video content.

Last winter I didn’t have a single cold and so I assumed I was an invincible ironman thanks to a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and doing everything right. This year it’s just turned December and I’ve already had a cough and a cold, so it’s apparent that I’m a diseased jelly of a man who has done everything wrong, and so doesn’t deserve something as basic as health.

Anyway. I used to listen to a lot more loud/noisy/angry music than I do these days. I’m not sure if that change is due to getting older or because most of my music listening is now while at the computer typing. Or maybe it’s both — maybe I used to be able to do internet typing while listening to wordy punchy music, but now I’m older and slower and need to concentrate more and so don’t want the music to intrude too much on my brain’s struggles.

But last week, having heard IDLES on Rocker’s show, and seen Art Brut’s Eddie Argos say how much he likes them

Idles fucking ripping it up. Nothing beats watching a band fucking smash it full force in such a perfect way. I instinctively got to my feet and applauded when this video finished. Now bring back Top Of The Pops so they can play on that too.…

…I ended up listening to Joy as an Act of Resistance a few times. Yes. The video Eddie links to is from Later… and is good, but the sight of a grinning Jools Holland tapping his feet at his grand piano detracts a little.

Here’s Mother from their previous album Brutalism (contains a rude word in case you’re about to play this loud in your office or something):

Righteous anger. Have a good week. Smash something.

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