f/e 31 December 2017

Not just the end of the week but the end of the year.

I hope you’ve had a good Christmas and a restfully unproductive inter-holiday limbo period, following all of your annual traditions.

We went to Berlin for Christmas and stayed with friends, which was a lovely way to spend the holiday. No pressure to do anything but sleep, eat, drink, chat and relax.

It had been six years (and 21 hours, 15 minutes, to be precise) since I’d last been in a plane and more than three years since I’d left the UK. Which is nothing to be proud of. Even though we barely went out over Christmas the time we did spend out in Berlin it was great to be somewhere different. I am (obviously) terrible at finding reasons to go on holiday but the pleasure of being at leisure in a foreign city should be reason enough. He said to himself.

Regular readers may be relieved to know I have pretty much finished work on the new version of my site. Or, at least, it’s as finished as it needs to be to put it online. So at some point, soon, I will get that done which will be a massive relief, to me at least.

That’s about all for now, for this week, for this year. Personally I’m hoping to have a better, happier year in 2018, and I hope you have one too.

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