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Links for Friday 17 April 2015

Classic menswear blogs

A good proportion of the time I spend reading things online is devoted to reading about men’s tailoring. This might seem odd, given I’m not exactly a dandy, but I find it fascinating. It’s another world, an escape from reading about technology or current affairs or whatever else.


In Writing on 5 Apr 2015

You reach for the stars, I go to the flicks | Brief letters | Global | The Guardian

Just off London's City Road there used to be a “Britannia College of Excellence”, whose motto was “Excelling towards Excellence” (Letters, 25 March).


A comment on another site on 27 Mar 2015

Mike Johnston’s 266 (or so) Books By Genre

Over on The Online Photographer the host Mike Johnston recently wrote about a list of books he’s been compiling for some time:


At Septivium on 25 Mar 2013

Photos posted Wednesday 15 April 2015

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Wikipedia content returns

Back on the previous site, more than two years ago, some of the topic pages in the Encyclopedia included relevant text and images from Wikipedia. This was reduced to links to Wikipedia when I rebuilt the site. But now, it’s all back.


At Pepys' Diary Site News on 25 Mar 2015

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