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Links for Friday 9 October 2015

It is very nice

Since ripping all my CDs and only buying MP3s, I’ve missed the ability to easily browse my albums when deciding what to play. While I don’t hate iTunes as much as many people seem to, it still turns music into a joyless spreadsheet.


In Writing on 5 Sep 2015

Recent YouTube Favourites

Mike Johnston’s 266 (or so) Books By Genre

Over on The Online Photographer the host Mike Johnston recently wrote about a list of books he’s been compiling for some time:


At Septivium on 25 Mar 2013

Photos posted Sunday 4 October 2015

Photos of St Olave's

The blog Spitalfields Life has a nice post about Pepys’s local church, St Olave’s, with many good photos, including of Samuel’s own prayer book. Worth a look.


At Pepys' Diary Site News on 24 Sep 2015

You reach for the stars, I go to the flicks | Brief letters | Global | The Guardian

Just off London's City Road there used to be a “Britannia College of Excellence”, whose motto was “Excelling towards Excellence” (Letters, 25 March).


A comment on another site on 27 Mar 2015

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