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Links for Tuesday 23 August 2016

Django Ditto and archiving your stuff

I recently made a collection of apps for the Django web framework, called Django Ditto. It’s for grabbing your photos from Flickr, tweets from Twitter, bookmarks from Pinboard, mirroring them all on your own website.


In Writing on 15 Aug 2016

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Ask MetaFilter’s best introductory books

At Septivium on 7 May 2009

Photos posted Sunday 21 August 2016

Design Route D: Protocol - Mozilla Open Design

I like the Moz://a idea, but don't understand why the shortened M:// version isn't then read as “Mill”. Why have t-shirts etc that say Mill on them?

A comment on another site on 18 Aug 2016

Diary search and word frequency charts

John Goldin got in touch as he’s put together a page that quickly searches the diary and shows charts of the frequency of words throughout the text.


At Pepys' Diary Site News on 17 May 2016

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