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Teaching web development to design students

Towards the end of 2015 I taught some second-year design students at Goldsmiths the basics of how to make websites. It was the first time I’d done any teaching and was an interesting experience all round: planning what to include, teaching the classes, and reflecting on what worked and what didn’t.


In Writing on 2 Feb 2016

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New exhibition: Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

London’s National Maritime Museum has a new exhibition opening soon, Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution. It runs from 20th November to 28th March 2016. Their blurb:


At Pepys' Diary Site News on 2 Nov 2015

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I live in London, UK. I have been developing and designing things on the internet for 20 years, and have also been an acting student, modelmaker, illustrator and futurist. More about me.

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