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Planning for closure

When starting work on a new website few of us think about how long the site should last for. I know I don’t. But I think we should.


In Writing on 10 Feb 2016

Photos posted Sunday 7 February 2016

David Bowie: legendary rock star dies of cancer aged 69

Re 'Can we just get one thing straight before we go on? It's pronounced Bowie as in “oh”, not as in “ow”.'


A comment on another site on 11 Jan 2016

Mike Johnston’s 266 (or so) Books By Genre

Over on The Online Photographer the host Mike Johnston recently wrote about a list of books he’s been compiling for some time:


At Septivium on 25 Mar 2013

Links for Thursday 11 February 2016

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New exhibition: Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution

London’s National Maritime Museum has a new exhibition opening soon, Samuel Pepys: Plague, Fire, Revolution. It runs from 20th November to 28th March 2016. Their blurb:


At Pepys' Diary Site News on 2 Nov 2015

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