Week 365

I spent the first half of the week failing to get Today’s Guardian working better on an iPhone and iPad. Well, I got it working better, but not working well. I dithered between different ways to move between articles with swipe gestures and looking at having on-screen next/previous buttons. Both proved difficult.

Using horizontal swiping to move between articles, while keeping vertical scrolling of the current article working smoothly, looks more complicated than I assumed. And the mobile version of Safari doesn’t easily let you keep elements — such as a couple of buttons — positioned permanently on screen. So next week I’ll try again, this time mentally prepared for what might be a more complicated job.

I spent all of Thursday continuing to move my photos from Aperture (where they recently stopped-off on their way from iPhoto) to Lightroom. Barring some further tidying of metadata, that tedious and overly-long process is complete. It’s not the kind of thing I would usually do during “work” hours, at the office, but it was dragging on and eating up all my free time, and so I treated myself to a day off from computing that I could conceivably call “work” to get it done and clear my head.

Friday was largely taken up with Pepys who has some long-form gossiping and worrying about the war coming up. About 4.5 hours spent on preparing that this week; it really does eat into time I could spend on new work, but I think it’s just about worthwhile.


  • With an admittedly ropey 3g connection on my iPhone today I found scrolling down the page quite laggy and unresponsive at times when compared with Safari.

    The swipe is great but again a bit laggy, perhaps 3g on a train was too much for my 3GS.

    Instapaper support would be great.


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19 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 9:35pm: Watched first ep of Luther. Good, and almost saw BRIG as well as Barbican. But I think Saskia Reeves was playing a TV cop, not a real one.
  • 5:06pm: I have 630 photos of old things I've since sold, chucked or given away (some doubles, admittedly). That's a lot of physical space saved.
  • 1:43pm: Imminent Radio 4 sitcom pilot, @RealDMitchell to play @samuelpepys and Olivia Colman as his sister: http://bit.ly/clS63y Sounds fun.
  • 11:54am: Two women who have been here an age without buying coffee. A man sat in the centre of a three-seater sofa. I'M ROLLING MY EYES!