Time to follow Samuel Pepys

If you already get Samuel Pepys’ twitters then you should close this window or hit the back button now. If you read his daily diary but don’t get his twitters, I’ll just say this: now might be the time to start. Now you can leave this page too. That’s all I’m saying. There are SPOILERS ahead and there’s no need for you to read them.

No, really, I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for you, so look away.

Have they gone?


The rest of you… if you’re ever going to follow Samuel Pepys on Twitter then you should start before tomorrow. That’s Wednesday 2nd September 2009. Or Sunday 2nd September 1666… the day the Great Fire of London began, and Pepys will be “live tweeting” the event as it happened. It’ll be a busy day.

This is possibly the highlight of the whole nine-and-a-bit-years of the diary and Pepys will, of course, be giving a much fuller account at the end of each day in his diary, but I think the tweets of the event as it happened should be a lot of fun. Well, as fun as a disaster that destroyed 13,200 homes can be.


  • You should be knighted.

  • ... and over on George Orwell's blog (a pale clone I might add :) ) Germany has just invaded Poland. A momentous couple of days in history!

    As an aside Phil, I must commend you for making the Pepys Diary blog such an amazing and innovative production. Aided by such wonderful commenters as well.

    Thank you so much for bringing history alive.

  • this is excellent. thank you.

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1 Sep 2009 at Twitter

  • 2:14pm: If you're ever going to follow @samuelpepys then you should start before tomorrow. 2nd September 1666 was a big day for London...
  • 10:13am: Apparently the drainage hole in the floor of our bathroom drains into the ceiling of a flat below. Yay for forty year old bathrooms. Bah.
  • 9:25am: Apparently last week I "beavered away on the engineering side" http://bit.ly/iUx27 Does that mean I get to go on holiday again this week?

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