A lick of paint

Having lived with the austere black and white look for a while I felt ready for a little brightening up. Not a lot, but a little. The new colours are shamelessly extracted from Sight & Sound (the print version rather than the website). Apart from an ugly couple of years from 2000 it’s been a beautifully, but simply, designed magazine since I began reading it in the early 90s.

I’m mostly happy with this site now, although the header at the top of the page looks like it should be tightened up a bit somehow — it all looks a bit floaty. And some subheadings in the main body need a bit of… something. But still, it’s a nice relief after the monochrome.

It was also fun to create another stylesheet and tinker around with colours and stuff. Until I tested on Windows Internet Explorer. I know this isn’t news, but I’m continually amazed by the endless bugs one must battle to make pages work in that browser. It’s staggering quite how bad it is.

Although Explorer 7 looks to be an improvement, has anyone estimated how much money IE6 has cost industry around the world? Over the past three years of freelancing my clients have collectively spent many thousands of pounds on the days and weeks of my time I’ve devoted to making perfectly good HTML and CSS work in that terrible browser. Multiply that amount by the number of web developers, and industries have lost a fortune thanks to Internet Explorer.


  • Nice! Yes, very Sight and Sound.

  • Your archive is broken: www.gyford.com/archive/

  • Whoops, thanks for pointing it out Frankie. It must have been broken for quite some time. It's now fixed and moved to here: to www.gyford.com/phil/ar…

  • FYI, when Sight and Sound was re-launched in the early 90s it was designed by Simon Esterson, now of Esterson Associates and edited by Philip Dodd. My then company, Spy Graphics, setup the magazine production system and produced much of the magazine until the mid-90s. I believe Stephen Coates later took on the editorial design but I am not sure who was responsible for the 'ugly couple of years'.

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