Phil Gyford


Friday 5 August 2005

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A frustrating fortnight later than promised, I’ve just found out that I’ve been accepted for the City Lit’s one-day-a-week, one-year drama foundation course, which I auditioned for last month.

They run four classes concurrently and my first choice was to be on the all-day Friday class, forcing me to work only four days a week. Unfortunately I’ve been assigned to my second choice, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, which I imagine will feel a bit more like another pair of evening classes, rather than an exciting proper daytime course. We’ll see. I’m sure it’ll be perfectly marvellous darling all the same. Either way, I’ll need to decide how I’m going to persuade myself to take more time off work now I don’t have to…

The course starts mid-September and three terms of weekly classes cost only 20% more than a single day of listening to Cal talk about Flickr, which I’m also going to in three weeks.

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