Phil Gyford


Thursday 16 December 2004

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The third and possibly final (for now) entry.

I like having my cake and eating it, so I wanted to get my links back from and have them all on my site as well. At least two people have written perl scripts to pump your latest links from into Movable Type entries, but I also wanted to drag all my old links across too.

So I wrote this script which allowed me to rebuild my local archive of links in a new weblog. The script can either post the current day’s links to a new MT entry, or you can pass it a date in the past and it will use that date’s links instead (and create an appropriately dated MT entry for them). Feel free to use it, bearing in mind my perl’s usually a bit dodgy and I take no responsibility for anything at all ever.

You’ll need the Net::Delicious module for the script to work. This also makes it easy to get a list of all the dates for which you have links in; I used this script and manually fed them to the MT-posting script to build up my archive. If you want to automate the whole procedure, feeding a list of dates to the MT-posting script with some fiendish command line magic, do make it pause between each one; and your own server will thank you.

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