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Links tagged with “via:oblomovka”

  1. How I coined the term ‘open source’ |

    it had never occurred to me to wonder how and when the term arrived. (via Oblomovka)

  2. Gene Expression: Atheists for a Christian Europe?

    Has percentages for “no religion” census choices in various countries. (via Oblomovka)

  3. About The DiSo Project : DiSo Project

    Building social networking tools using open tools and standards, starting with WordPress. Not enough there for me to quite “get” it yet. (via Oblomovka)

  4. BuddyPress » About BuddyPress

    “The idea of BuddyPress is to take a standard vanilla installation of WordPress MU and turn it into something that represents more of a community building tool, or niche social network.” (via Oblomovka)

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