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Links tagged with “via:genmon”

  1. Drunk Mel Gibson Arrest Diorama - YouTube

    Very, very good video that you should watch. No, really. (via @genmon)

  2. Considerations On Cost Disease | Slate Star Codex

    On why (American) housing costs, teaching, healthcare, universities, etc cost much, much more than they did a few decades ago, but are, if anything, worse. (via @genmon)

  3. Private Eye | Official Site - Selling England by the offshore pound

    Map of the UK showing individual freehold and leasehold properties registered by offshore companies between 2005 and July 20014. Great stuff. And nice to see the Eye doing this kind of thing. (via @genmon)

  4. Google Answers: Trying to remember which Vonnegut book I’m thinking of

    “The Only Way to Have a Successful Revolution in Any Field of Human Activity” including the three kinds of people required, from ‘Bluebeard’. (via @genmon)

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