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Links tagged with “sport”

  1. The Online Photographer: The Worst Player in the NBA

    The post and the featured comments on the gap between good amateurs and pros in various sports and professions.

  2. NFL’s British accent -

    On British fans of NFL football (as opposed to fans of British American football), and why they’re not bothered about getting a London NFL franchise.

  3. Success by Benjamin Markovits (London Review of Books)

    I’m not into sport but love articles like this, which ponders why England/GB has been successful in recent years at some sports. Business, statistics, culture, etc.

  4. The Dan Plan

    Spending 10,000 hours (a la Gladwell) over six years to learn to golf from scratch, hoping to become a top professional. I often wonder how late in life you could still become expert at something new. (via Kottke)

  5. - News List - Football’s coming home to Channel 4

    Channel 4 gets Sunday Night Football. I’m very glad there’s some free-to-air NFL again, but am amazed deals like this are only finalised a week before the season starts. I hope the presenters are as good as Five’s were.

  6. Word Spy - parahawking

    “A sport where paragliders follow birds of prey that have been trained to look for and follow thermal updrafts that enable the pilots to stay aloft.”

  7. Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan

    Just in case running becomes more appealing one day, now I’ve cancelled my gym membership. (via Yoz)

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