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Links tagged with “sociology”

  1. Is There An Illusion Of Moral Decline? - by Scott Alexander

    A critique of that previously-linked paper which seems good on a brief whizz through.

  2. The illusion of moral decline | Nature

    “…our studies show that the perception of moral decline is pervasive, perdurable, unfounded and easily produced.”

  3. William Davies · Destination Unknown: Sociology Gone Wrong · LRB 9 June 2022

    On inequality, capitalism, sociology, nation states, colonialism.

  4. This column will change your life: Are you an Asker or a Guesser? | Life and style | The Guardian

    Yes, Askers vs Guessers. I’m such a Guesser. See also the Metafilter post linked to here. (via Kottke)

  5. Narcissism of small differences - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    “The term describes the manner in which our negative feelings are sometimes directed at people who resemble us, while we take pride from the ‘small differences’ that distinguish us from them.” ‘Generation X’s Anti-Victim Device?

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