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  1. TikTok teens aren’t stanning Osama bin Laden

    Once again, we can only imagine journalists in big media outlets having this much clue about the internet.

  2. Will Mr. Free Speech actually do anything? (Garbage Day)

    ‘If, at any point, I think, “oh wow, an A.I. could totally speed up the way I do this” about anything, I have to accept that that task or creative process no longer has any meaning for me in my life due to corrupting pressures of capitalism and I should, instead, probably spend time thinking about how I can never do it again, rather than automating the process to do it faster.’

  3. Everything all the time and everywhere - by Ryan Broderick

    I’m trying to imagine anyone at the mainstream press having this kind of insight, or even interest, in what happens in various parts of online (in this case about Ukraine). Such a shame they feel it’s beneath them.

  4. The internet, after all, never forgets - Garbage Day

    “But when you create content on the internet, you have to imagine it being consumed in four dimensions, front to back, but also out of order, and also without whatever greater context it was created in.”

  5. the sun is going down and you’re getting cold - Garbage Day

    “Things that make sense on the internet, when spoken out loud, slip away from you as if you were trying to recall a dream.” So good, on social media and the US Capitol riot.

  6. Everything You Need To Know About Getting Back Into Tumblr - Garbage Day

    I’ve been using Tumblr for years but in a way I’ve never really *used* Tumblr and this is a great guide.

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