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Links tagged with “newaesthetic”

  1. Australia: Drone Shadows, Diagrams, and Political Systems |

    Great, measured piece by James on Arts Queensland’s last-minute banning of his artwork, and authorities’ embarrassment over drones. “The Drone Shadow is not just a picture of a drone. It is a diagram of a political system.”

  2. The New Aesthetic and its Politics

    James on what’s beneath the surface. “This wilful anti-technicalism, which is a form of anti-intellectualism, mirrors the present cultural obsession with nostalgia, retro and vintage which was one of the spurs for the entire New Aesthetic project.”

  3. The New Aesthetic: James Bridle’s Drones and Our Invisible, Networked World | Vanity Fair

    James: “…there’s no such thing as avant-gardes anymore. … But it leads to that idea of there being avant-garde figures that are ahead of everything else. But there’s not. It’s just me, looking at this stuff, and going, ‘Have you seen this? Have you actually seen it?’”

  4. Will Wiles – On the New Aesthetic

    Long article and an interview with James. Good stuff. (via everyone)

  5. An Interview With James Bridle of the New Aesthetic - The Huffington Post

    Brilliant: “a lot of people out there have basically gone ‘the New Aesthetic is wrong’ and it can be many things but it can’t be wrong because I just made it up.”

  6. Why the New Aesthetic isn’t about 8bit retro, the Robot Readable World, computer vision and pirates

    Rev. Dan Catt on the distinction between computer graphics and computer vision, as regards the New Aesthetic. A good distinction.

  7. Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: a new fashion aesthetic

    Brilliant. Yes, all this. It saddens me when I look in trendy little fashion shops and it’s all button-up shirts and brogues. Where are the new, wearable clothes of the 21st century?

  8. An Essay on the New Aesthetic | Beyond The Beyond |

    Long, excellent essay from Bruce Sterling on the New Aesthetic, why it’s very interesting, and the problems it faces. Well worth a read.

  9. The New Aesthetic

    James Bridle is accumulating a lovely collection of images/videos/ideas here. Both vague and very specific.

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