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Links tagged with “johnhoare”

  1. The Dave Nice Video Show, Part Two: “I’d Be Delighted, Sir” – Dirty Feed

    Not sure I ever saw ‘Smashie and Nicey: the End of an Era’ but these posts are so good.

  2. Click Around, Find Out – Dirty Feed

    “If you stopped cultivating your own website because you really liked Twitter, or because Google Reader was shut down, did you really care about it that much in the first place?” Yup.

  3. Shame. – Dirty Feed

    On the reasons to keep your old writing online, compared with Robin Sloan and Frank Chimero’s decisions to delete a lot of theirs.

  4. Dirty Feed – What The Papers Say

    I enjoyed this investigation into the origin of a joke from ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. (via b3ta)

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