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Links tagged with “earth”

  1. Planet parts: Global data streams

    “Near-realtime Earth observation resources” A good collection, for future reference.

  2. Steven Mithen reviews ‘Earth’s Deep History’ by Martin Rudwick · LRB 30 July 2015

    On the history of how we’ve explained the history of Earth and life on it. (Also subscribers only)

  3. Earth View from Google Maps - Chrome Web Store

    Chrome extension that shows a new satellite image of a place on Earth in every new tab. Beatiful. (via @matthewward)

  4. | The Remotest place on Earth

    Lovely images. I guess it’s something like Space Syntax but for the entire planet. (via Matt Jones)

  5. Doom_1.php

    Graphic illustrating what would happen to Earth if humans vanished.

  6. Imagine Earth without people - life - 12 October 2006 - New Scientist

    What would happen to the world if we all vanished. (via Boing Boing)

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