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Links tagged with “community”

  1. Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

    Clay’s 2003 ETech talk about online communities is still a good read.

  2. The Death of Reddit | Chuq Von Rospach • Writing & Commentary

    I haven’t read many of the recent pieces about Reddit, but this is a good one about where Reddit went wrong and why it’s unsalvageable.

  3. LocalWiki - The open-content, open-source effort to share the world’s local knowledge

    This looks very nice. Open source, nicely designed, good idea. (via @mala)

  4. Infovore » A quick guide to Inspector Spacetime

    A lovely account of an amazing runaway myth created by fans out of a single throwaway joke in an episode of ‘Community’.

  5. BuddyPress » About BuddyPress

    “The idea of BuddyPress is to take a standard vanilla installation of WordPress MU and turn it into something that represents more of a community building tool, or niche social network.” (via Oblomovka)

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