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Links tagged with “christmas”

  1. Stubby’s House of Christmas

    Music blog dedicated to Christmas music. (via Dandelion Radio)

  2. FRSTEE the Twitter Snowman

    Our new fun product thing: customised, rapid-manufactured snowman decoration based on your own Twitter stats. (I made the site; my fault if it breaks.)

  3. Christmas dinner with an excess of trimmings | Jonathan Meades | Comment is free | The Guardian

    I like the fry-up / Christmas Dinner comparison, and much else too. (via many people)

  4. Xmas card shoot :o) - a photoset on Flickr

    Sam’s very good and scary Christmas photos.

  5. YouTube - A Charlie Brown Christmas (full length)

    Joy! I love the internet and I now feel Christmassy. And I think Charlie Brown grows up to become Jon Ronson.

  6. Advent Calendar 2005 :: Leslie Harpold

    Leslie’s advent calendar begins today. Send her your personal Christmas memories too (and/or click ‘back’ to get to the Calendar itself).

  7. Pas/Cal’s cover of Last Christmas

    A jolly picture and a free MP3. Merry Christmas!

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