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Links tagged with “christianity”

  1. Religious Faith and John Rawls by Kwame Anthony Appiah | The New York Review of Books

    Tracing John Rawls’ changing ideas from “the eternal claims of Christianity,” through ‘A Theory of Justice’s “appealing to the universal truths of reason,” to deriving ideals from the “shared consensus of democratic citizens.” (Subscribers only.)

  2. Gene Expression: Atheists for a Christian Europe?

    Has percentages for “no religion” census choices in various countries. (via Oblomovka)

  3. YouTube - The Late Edition - Britain’s Own War On Christmas

    Watch for the first 2 minutes 30 seconds rant about Christians complaining that “Christianity is under attack”. Brilliant. (via Haddock)

  4. Bible Study for Atheists

    A chapter of the Bible per weblog entry, with commentary. Wish I’d heard about this when it started, as I’d like to know more of the Bible.

  5. Trading Spouses Margaret freaking out - Google Video

    Very scary video from a US version of “Wife Swap”. Now, this woman vs Richard Dawkins would be interesting… (via

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