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Links tagged with “attention”

  1. Your Attention is Sovereign by Jay Springett (PDF)

    “The Loop”, “evaporative cooling”, “the Dark Forest internet”, “Waldenponding”, “The Isles of Blogging”. Good. (via Warren Ellis Ltd)

  2. From Clapping to Likes, and Back Again – A Brief History of Attention – Medium

    This should be good - a short series by Matt Locke on how attention has been measured.

  3. How I Got My Attention Back

    Craig Mod on being more careful with when and how he’s online. As “I gave up the Internet” articles go, more thoughtful and realistic.

  4. The Amanda Palmer Problem — Vulture

    A “thing the web has done is erode the ability to put something into the world that is directed only at interested parties.” It’s hard to avoid the people who will (vocally) dislike something you’re trying to share. (via Waxy)

  5. Apophenia: suckage explained

    Having no spare time, not wanting any more email, microfame, attention. (via Haddock)

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