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Links tagged with “api”

  1. Parser API Docs — Readability

    “The web’s most powerful content parser.” Free for non-commercial use, up to an apparently unspecified request cap.

  2. Extract Data from Any Web Page - Diffbot

    Pay-for API that lets you “Get structured content from articles, products, discussions and other familiar page types.”

  3. | ReKognition

    A replacement for the API? But, judging by the demo, it seems much, much worse at face detection than

  4. Difference between geo and coordinates in status - Twitter Development Talk | Google Groups

    Coordinates vs geo vs place in the Twitter API. It’s not good when you have to read email threads to work out how to use a company’s API.

  5. Parse JSON with jQuery and JavaScript redux using the Flickr Services API | d’bug

    I’ve read oodles of JavaScript examples on weblogs recently and it’s so nice to occasionally find one that explains things well, has good working examples, and inspires confidence. Shouldn’t be rare, but is.

  6. Yahoo! Placemaker™ Beta - YDN

    Parses text and extracts any recognisable locations. (via Simon Willison)

  7. The Little Manual of API Design (PDF)

    Sounds like a handy thing for future reference. (via Simon Willison)

  8. Google Maps API Tutorial

    Lots of examples for how to do things with Google Maps. (via Tim Brayshaw)

  9. 24 ways: Tracking Christmas Cheer with Google Charts

    A good guide on how to use Google Charts. (via Simon Willison)

  10. Freaky People Productions » Blog Archive » Google Maps causes Safari 1.3.2 to crash

    If you use the Google Maps API your Javascript may have recently started crashing Safari 1.3.2. This is how to fix it.

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