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Links tagged with “aerial”

  1. EO Newsroom: New Images - San Francisco Skyline

    Fantastic aerial photo, especially if you view the full image. Not that I’m envious of so many people I know moving there or anything, oh no. (via Pulse Laser)

  2. Aerial Photographs of Mexico City (English)

    Some amazing photos, particularly the two of low income housing. (via Boing Boing)

  3. Windows Live Local

    Amazing new angled aerial maps of bits of America. Here’s exactly where I lived in Houston. Rotate the view using the compass. Incredible.

  4. Google Maps - 30.209688,47.394472

    Burning oil fields in Iraq from a satellite photo. Zoom in. Amazing.

  5. Google Sightseeing

    Gobsmacked. Imagine when the rest of the world is photo-mapped at Google.

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