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Notes from migrating 24 years of blog posts from Wordpress to Ghost

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Nice to hear how that went, thanks! I maintain a couple of self-hosted WordPress sites for people and it’s become so big and ugly over the years and the dashboard is a blizzard of stuff including promotions, some from plugins. It’s too much. Good to see Ghost is so much simpler, but still powerful enough - I hadn’t looked at it in forever and it didn’t seem quite enough back then.

One thing you didn’t mention - comments. Did all the comments from your old site get migrated? I went back through a few old posts and didn’t see any, but maybe those posts didn’t have any anyway.

BTW, I signed up to post this and Ghost said I’d now “subscribed” to the site… which sounds like I’ve opted in to receiving emailed posts without realising it (I have RSS!). Either a bit of a dark pattern or slightly off language on their part.

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