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Who Are the People in the Neighborhood?

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Hello from Herefordshire, in the UK, where we moved nearly four years ago from London, to a house surrounded by fields. It’s beautiful and peaceful and/but I miss everything about cities. I’m an increasingly-retired freelance web developer.

I’ve been reading this site since 2000 when I also started blogging, inspired by Jason and other early bloggers. I also run The Diary of Samuel Pepys, Today’s Guardian, and, a collection of blogs.

Due to an administrative oversight my “to read” shelf has run out of fiction so I’m currently re-reading some Nicholas Mosley books because I love the way he writes thoughts, Accident being a favourite.

The most recent music I bought is Fortitude Valley’s self-titled 2021 album. I like to think I’m hunting for new diverse and experimental musical trailblazers but apparently it’s still indie-pop about broken hearts that I love.

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