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Weeknotes 2020#11: all that jazz – minor 9th

I’m looking forward to how you get on with ‘Exploring Jazz Piano’. I bought it and saw it advised that you should be at a certain level (which you probably are, but I’m not) or to start with ‘Improvising Blues Piano’). So, being one to obey the rules, I got that. It’s very good but not quite rigorous enough for me. It’s quite “Do what you want in any order!” which is nice but it just means I skip over anything that’s a bit tricky (all the actual improvising). And I have zero knowledge of theory (chords, keys, all that, er, jazz) so still felt a bit lost at times. But I think this is just me, and it all looks good and people love it, so I hope you have fun :)

After not having a piano since January it should arrive this week so I’ll hopefully get back into it. I thought looked interesting and might satisfy my desire for more structure.

Anyway, hello Simon!

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