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As we tweeted yesterday, I really liked those chapters. For me, the bits that didn’t quite fit were some of the US stuff. So much of the book was (understandably) focused on the UK that the American scenes either seemed a bit token (“Surely there was more going on in all of America?” I’d think) or just not very related to the surrounding chapters.

Otherwise, I liked the earlier post-punk stuff because I was too young at the time to be aware of it, never mind appreciate it, and I’ve heard little about it since. It’s awful that I hadn’t even *heard* Gang of Four until (checks) 2007.

And then I liked the later, more mainstream and synthy stuff because although I knew a lot of it from my teen years I wasn’t into music enough then to put it in context. It was all just part of the big mix of chart pop to me. And so seeing how it could all be made to fit together was an eye-opener.

So I don’t quite agree with your minor criticism but yes, it’s generally a wonderful book.

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11 Nov 2011 at Twitter

  • 5:23pm: @tomtaylor I think ‘Power of Love’ was a Drivetime highlight a few weeks ago too. Good move.
  • 4:37pm: @tedmills Good luck! And I sympathise with the pain of moving.
  • 4:15pm: @csi_popmusic Not really just “snobs”... seems to be used, for ex., by Tea Party folks to refer to what they see as hoodwinked Obama lovers.
  • 3:41pm: Maybe they should trade in their company's rooftop vegetable garden and beehives FOR SOME WATCHES.
  • 3:39pm: That is, I'll leave when the Wolff Olins people stop overrunning with their talk about what a lovely world-saving family they are.
  • 3:29pm: About to head home early. Some interesting talks, but too much listening, not enough doing. Fingers getting twitchy. Must do.
  • 1:19pm: Talking for 45 minutes when you've got a 30 minute slot is just plain rude.
  • 11:59am: @pixellent Some of that but plenty of tangents and stories and thoughts and jokes too. Still nervous though.
  • 11:54am: @pixellent (Consider that one @ you.)
  • 11:54am: Vaughan Oliver was ace. Lovely work, funny chap, very down to earth, and finishing with a David Sylvian-soundtracked slideshow. #sbfcritical
  • 11:47am: @tedmills Where are you moving?
  • 10:00am: Both the 20 and 40 year old mes are excited to be about to hear Vaughan Oliver talk about his work.

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Cocteau Twins (20)
  2. VHS Head (19)
  3. Brian Eno (18)
  4. Pixies (17)
  5. Sepalcure (15)
  6. Kings of Convenience (13)
  7. Pocketbooks (12)
  8. Allo Darlin' (12)
  9. The Kleptones (9)
  10. DJ Quik (6)

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