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I had a similar accident as a child.

Playing war in my neighbours’ garden, I was standing on a horizontal bit of wood on their tall fence, so I could see over it to shoot someone. It had been raining and my feet slipped off and I fell. It was only a few inches to the ground, but on the way down the underside of my upper arm caught on a nail.

Thankfully my neigbours’ mum was a nurse, so she took charge, ordered her son to fetch some of his comfort blankets to mop up the blood (thanks Ben), and, I assume, whisked me to hospital.

I remember being at the hospital, having the tetanus shots and stitches, but not much else.

Now I know that a lolly is the going rate for an underarm scar, I’ll have to make sure I was given one, or else I’ll be demanding payment, plus interest.

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  • 10:07pm: @Glinner Is #celebrity simply ‘The Word’s “I’ll Do Anything To Be On Television” but in a jungle?
  • 9:29pm: Mis-typed a URL, but now quite keen on getting an invite for @antimega, you’re bound to have one?
  • 2:26pm: A lovely 24 hours of plotting with @hiutdenim. Good chats, tasty food, fresh air, factories. Homebound.

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  1. McCoy Tyner (29)
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  8. Low (2)
  9. De La Soul (2)
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