Amazing Charlotte Gainsbourg video - thanks @wylesy

Have you seen some of the discussion about how the director has stolen/copied/been inspired by other photos? For example, there are some examples on this comment.

I can’t decide if this makes the video a bad thing or not (although I’d love it if the original sources are credited somewhere). But knowing that all/many/some of the images are re-made versions of images found online certainly turns it into a different object.

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11 Jan 2010 at Twitter

  • 8:07pm: @phl Yeah, I hate to quit things, but for once I'm giving that option a go rather than stubbornly sticking it out to the bitter end!
  • 7:58pm: @paulaledieu Yeah, got that, but it's still disrupting my rhythm. Need to practice more. It's still early in my re-learning process!
  • 7:43pm: Finally deciding to give up on the maths course. Almost half way through, but it is in no way fun and there's so much else I could be doing.
  • 5:26pm: @carlospdiaz It's not when to breathe that's the problem, but how to do it without breaking my rhythm. Practice needed!
  • 5:13pm: Over the past three weeks I've got my front crawl stroke count per 25m down from 24ish to 18ish. Just need to work out how to breathe.
  • 10:33am: @blech Yeah, I can see that to some extent... but if many people have no clue what Chrome *is*, or what it replaces, do the ads help...?
  • 10:22am: I do wonder about those Google Chrome ads, given how many people don't know what a "browser" is:

Music listened to most that week

  1. God Help the Girl (10)
  2. Stereolab (7)
  3. Ash (7)
  4. The Clash (5)
  5. The Velvet Underground (5)
  6. Pulp (4)
  7. Babybird (4)
  8. The Shins (4)
  9. Lou Reed (4)
  10. Traxmen (4)

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