Cool Tools: Google Apps Mail

As an alternative suggestion… I’ve been using Tuffmail as my email host for my domain for a couple of years and have been very pleased. Several friends recommended them to me.

The service is not free — you pay more depending on the number of accounts and amount of storage you want, but it’s extremely configurable (more so than I need or understand) and, so far, has been rock solid, with awesome spam filtering. I like to think that because it’s the only thing the company does, they’re very good at it. They have web mail clients so you can check your mail online too.

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23 Jan 2010 at Twitter

  • 6:10pm: @spaceboy I think the first game I ever saw was Raiders beating Redskins, hence I supported Raiders ever since. Bengals hats very fine tho.
  • 3:33pm: @spaceboy Oakland Raiders, who were good when I was last into American football in the 1980s (and they were in LA). They're not now.
  • 3:10pm: Matt Roberts on the BBC's NFL coverage seems so painfully "BBC Sport" and teleprompted. @NatCoombs on Five was human.