BLDGBLOG: Rousseau and Echolocation

Quoting an 18th century philosopher on navigating unknown architecture is interesting, but it might also be interesting, and perhaps even more practical, to ask modern-day blind people how they make their way round unfamiliar environments.

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27 Dec 2009 at Twitter

  • 6:25pm: Lying on the sofa, headphones on, attempting to catch up on the past seven months of . A real luxury.
  • 5:13pm: OH at Spitalfields: "It's nice to go somewhere a bit different isn't it." Unfortunately, you're not somewhere a bit different any more.
  • 4:55pm: An enjoyable time in the otherwise charmless Patisserie Valerie Spitalfields with @maryloosemore playing Words With Friends.

27 Dec 2009 in Links