Phil Gyford


Friday 24 October 2008

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I hope there’s a better solution, but failing that…

MT 3.2 does let you list all Comments on your weblog on one page (well, split up into pages). So if you don’t have many genuine comments among the spam, it’ll be simple to list, say, 125 comments at a time, click the unobtrusive ‘check all’ checkbox and mark them as Junk.

BTW, the option to list more Comments on that page is even more unobtrusive and is found in the ‘Show display options’ link at the bottom left of the page.

If you just upgrade from 2.x to 3.2 there is some mysterious upgrade process that *might* look for junk comments among the existing comments. But then again it might not. And it doesn’t sound like this would help you either way. Good luck!

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