Phil Gyford


Friday 24 October 2008

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One problem with the Podcast implementation in iTunes, which I haven’t seen mentioned elsewhere, is that you must have the Music Store enabled to access the Podcast Directory.

I switched the Music Store off months ago, as I was never going to buy anything from it. I upgraded to the new iTunes and saw the new purple ‘Podcasts’ icon. But when I click it I see a blank playlist and some greyed-out buttons/links - the ‘Podcast Directory’ link only becomes active if I go into Preferences and re-enable the Music Store, something it took me a few days to realise.

So, having switched the Music Store off again, I’ve never subscribed to a podcast and I have no idea how to (I searched Apple’s ‘iTunes and Music Store Help’, but there’s apparently nothing in there for ‘podcast’ or ‘podcasts’).

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