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Comments I've posted on other sites: June 2005

  1. Anti-mega: web affordances

    Darn, I didn’t know either of those points and I wish I had… thanks for pointing them out.

  2. Bumpus

    Wow, five years already!? Congratulations!

  3. Rodcorp: Art, music and maps in London currently

    The Grand Designs show that featured the construction of a Huf Haus did fuel the bit of me that…

  4. Jwz - that was, in fact, the final straw.

    MacNoteTaker is a good way to sync text notes with a Palm:…

  5. Rodcorp: A visit to the Bank of England museum

    This page suggests that £22 in 1697 was worth about £1,909.97 in 2002.…

  6. London 010 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    I’m afraid that’s nothing to do with the Barbican. It’s the Swiss Re building at 30 St Mary Axe. Or…

  7. Bumpus

    Is that the new pope!?

  8. Cityofsound: Stephen Gill and photographing the everyday invisible

    I’ve only seen the two or three articles about Gill in the Guardian Weekend mag, but I’ve yet to be…