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2005-06-15 (Wednesday)

Comments I've posted on other sites

  1. Bumpus

    Wow, five years already!? Congratulations!

  2. Rodcorp: Art, music and maps in London currently

    The Grand Designs show that featured the construction of a Huf Haus did fuel the bit of me that…

  3. Jwz - that was, in fact, the final straw.

    MacNoteTaker is a good way to sync text notes with a Palm:…


  1. Jeffrey Veen: Designing for the subtlety of Ajax

    Also to read when I get round to doing Ajax stuff.

  2. Alex Bosworth’s Weblog: Ajax Mistakes

    For the future, when I get round to playing with Ajax.

  3. iTerm (Terminal replacement for Mac OS X)

    “Anti-idle function that avoids disconnection because of no activity” could be handy.