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2023-01-04 (Wednesday)


  1. Tree views in CSS

    A collapsible tree view made out of lists and detail elements, no JavaScript. Witchcraft. (via Adactio)


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    @MostFoolhardy @guardian I was going to ask exactly the same reasonable question there if that person hadn’t already done so. As you say, it’s an important API internally, so I’d have thought a way to notify Guardian folks of breakages (over Christmas or not) would be a good thing.

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    @MostFoolhardy @guardian Oh I’m sure. It’s very bad timing. But it’s a bit frustrating that the only way to notify anyone about it is a Google Group that gets little attention.

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    @MostFoolhardy @guardian I posted it here

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    The @guardian's API, broken since before Christmas, today delivers the smallest number of articles from today's paper: a single obituary, of Victor Margrie, a ceramicist. There is no other news today.

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    This year, 2023, Allo Darlin’ are going to reunite for some shows in England. We hope to make some more music together too. Life is too short to not do the things you love, to do the things that make life worth living. That goes for you too. (4/5)