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2022-12-14 (Wednesday)


  1. How to buy a social network, with Tumblr CEO Matt Mullenweg - The Verge

    Good, long interview. On Twitter’s financial situation: “That’s a pickle.”


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    Only really keeping this account around to shout at brands. So.

    If you want to experience an eternal circle of bureaucratic hell, try using @ThreeUK’s infuriating online chat to get the content filter turned off on your mobile broadband. What a steaming pile of turds.

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    @felix_cohen That is quite special.

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    @felix_cohen I don’t want to be a Silicon Valley start-up booster but I can imagine the whole internet would be like this if it was left to corporate IT teams.

    To open a Twitter account, send a utility bill, a copy of your passport, a signature from a professional, and an SAE. Allow 28 days.