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2022-11-14 (Monday)

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  1. The Online Photographer: Update: RSS Feed

    Just to confirm, the old RSS feed (along with that of another TypePad blog I follow) sprang to life…



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    Garbage Day is on 🔥 about this place
    ( )

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    @muteboy @WebDesignMuseum Ha, thanks! What fascinating tweets we used to tweet.

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    I love this too much.

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    Everyone keeps posting shit like “don’t say there isn’t a Twitter alternative! You’re ignoring Grunchly, Sporple, yesTalk, Twang, openTwang, Clash of Honor: Twang’s Revenge, pNissy, Gubble, hank’s house, WhoChat, nnk3.0, KniFi, Twango Unchained, PornHub Live Chat, CyberForum, Twa