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2022-10-08 (Saturday)



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    @ade_oshineye Interesting. I tend to think that relying on something like Bootstrap - which I assume will continue to Just Work - means there's less of my own code to maintain.

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    @dotcode Ah, ambiguity due to the annoyingly short length restrictions on poll choices.

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    @dracos Maybe I'll have to try to find it out :) I only include the CSS for the components I use, but I haven't actually used 5 at all.

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    Before making the poll I'd pretty much decided that updating to Bootstrap 5 would be the best compromise between having modern, future-proof, accessible, code, and not spending too much time on it. Why might I be wrong?

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    Did people vote for "Remove BS and hand code" because they *hate* Bootstrap for some reason? Or because they *love* writing a load of CSS? Or because their own code will be much better than Bootstrap?

    And "Something else?" What else?

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    The trouble with polls like that 👆🏻is you have no idea *why* people voted how they did.

    Did people vote for "Leave it as it is" because they're lazy? Because they really think still using what will be 20-year-old Bootstrap 3 and jQuery is fine?

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    Spectacular time lapse of the the Eurasian blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus),

    From finding and inspecting her new home to raising a family

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    All the tingles…

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    A haka on home soil in front of a record-breaking crowd

    What a moment for the @BlackFerns at Eden Park