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2022-06-18 (Saturday)


  1. I Should Be Able to Mute America

    “…we need a way to mute America. Why? Because America has no chill. America is exhausting. … America has effectively built a Green Zone in our cultural consciousness … I should not know who Pete Buttigieg is.“


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    @paulpod The best in the world. Reading this, I imagine the designers focused on me using, trying the same thing over and over again in bewilderment, swearing quietly, googling in despair for how to make it work.…

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    @merexband Unfortunately it's still showing as "Pre-order" on Bandcamp - only two of the tracks are downloadable after digital purchase, the rest becoming available "June 17, 2022". It's definitely possible that I've gone back in time.

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    Today's new frustration is… (Turns out the answer is to quit and re-open it, at which point buttons appear after you search, allowing you to change search results from "Your Library" to "Apple Music" or "iTunes Store".)

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    Until today my most recent Apple "quirk" is how if I drag music files from the Finder into a playlist, they appear for a split second and then vanish. I have to go into the main Songs list, sort by Date Added, and drag the files back into the playlist.