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2022-03-31 (Thursday)


  1. Wi-Fi memories

    The virtual places this old laptop has been.



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    @jacobian I enjoyed… and, while I configure a new laptop, I wondered if you’d stuck with that setup since?

    (Also, do you install pipx using the global pyenv-installed python version?)

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    @kevinmarks @kellan The Indieweb will really have hit the big time when the cr-pto spam tweeters start blogging and using webmentions too!

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    @kellan Not as far as I'm aware (but I'm not very aware). I assume it's not a problem so far because so few people use them. I don't *think* there's anything about the mechanism itself that would prevent spam.

    It's a struggle to be vaguely optimistic about new things sometimes.

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    The Bash Street Kids on #NFTs in this week's #Beano is a work of genius