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2022-01-05 (Wednesday)


  1. GlitchTip

    Open source alternative to Sentry’s error tracking. Host it yourself, or hosted plans starting from free.


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    But seeing a spammy tweet or two every day is much less annoying than seeing all the ads and other "engagement" crap Twitter inserts into the feed on their site/app so 🤷🏼‍♂️

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    To be (a bit) fair to Twitter, those tweets don't show up as Replies on the Twitter site/app, but they do in Tweetbot, so I guess there's a quality threshold that site/app applies that isn't in the API or, if it is, it's not used by Tweetbot.

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    @Alby It's been months since I had one of those unfortunately.

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    @ianbetteridge @wrklsshrd Yeah, I guess @'ing a few accounts about an exciting new investment opportunity isn't a high priority. Which is correct, but doesn't make it less annoying.

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    @wrklsshrd That's only happened once for me.

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    I've looked back at a few of the 80+ accounts I've reported for spam and blocked, because of their @'ing at random people about cr*pto, and all of them were still active, and still @'ing people. So reporting accounts/tweets for this is clearly a waste of time.

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    @bruces Dozens of topics or essential knowledge and I guess all of the visual arts are summarised in “Visual Culture”, “Fake Photos” and “Memes in Digital Culture”. I assume all of music is covered in”Echo”?

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    @slavin_fpo Beenz? Coincidentally a “currency”

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    Thank god I washed out that used tin of chopped tomatoes to recycle the can.…

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    Brussels Airlines runs 3,000 empty flights to maintain take-off and landing slots…