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2021-12-22 (Wednesday)


  1. Muffy Van Moof’s Maiden Voyage — GS

    All the photos of ebikes in a sunny San Franciso gave me major yearnings for the place.


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    @felix_cohen @tomcoates @genmon Similar... I never got on with the Sony I had but I enjoy my Fujifilm X-E3 (a bit like the X100 plus interchangeable lenses) mainly because it feels more like an old-fashioned "real" camera. A sufficiently different experience to a phone. Still don't take it out enough though.

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    I've yet to read this book but I suspect fans of my may be interested in it (although it's academic, so pricey)...…

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    OMG, the internet time machine that is facebook memories, reminded me that for a very short time I had some code scouring news sites for sentences to fit this pattern. Apparently the Daily Mail was the best source.

    It was of course a terrible idea.…

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    a normal person explains cryptocurrency: