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13 December 2021


  1. Doppler Music Player for Mac and iOS

    I’m always on the verge of trying an alternative to Apple’s and this looks good. Maybe…


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    @tomstuart @taglin3r Terrifying, Thankyou.

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    @drinkotheweeksb @taglin3r It’s such a shame. Kids today, etc.

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    I’m pretty sure this school’s motto, “Find your remarkable”, was generated by @taglin3r.

    (I’d usually feel a bit bad mocking a school but I went to the other secondary school in town so Maltings, née Bramston, is my sworn enemy for life.)

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    @simonw Did you see that DeviantArt have a system to detect potentially infringing uses on NFT sites (and others). No idea how well it works, but it’s telling that they’re trying this while NFT platforms themselves apparently aren’t?…