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2021-11-15 (Monday)



  1. Catalog all your data on Disks, DVDs, and CDs with NeoFinder!

    Looks pretty impressive, for organising music, video, photos (Exif, IPTC, XMP data, and a map). For Mac, plus iOS apps for searching your database. (via Ask MetaFilter)


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    Oh no, very sad. I only went once, in 2019, after deciding against it for a few years. It was so lovely. Moral of the story: don’t put things off! Go to things when you can!…

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    We’re very sad to say that we’re bringing the Indietracks festival to a close. Thank you all so much for your support over the years.

    Read more here:

    And please share your memories using the hashtag #IndietracksMemories

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    Being that kind of person, I moved the contents of my Amazon wishlist, which was all books, over to a while ago. I've only now learned that anyone who wants to use it to buy me a gift must already know my address. I assumed it worked the same as Amazon's.

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    @ecominimalnick Thank you!

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    @ecominimalnick @charlesgrylls @passivhausnews Lovely! It *looks* (but probably isn't) so simple. Why is vertical boarding more expensive than horizontal?

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    The first group of Apple Inc. employees at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California (1976)

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    Another ⁦@charlesgrylls⁩ & Mike Whifield Passivhaus. Different aesthetic but some recurrent patterns that work. Vertical boarding more expensive than horizontal but clients did the painting. Doors and MVHR from ⁦@passivhausnews⁩. Tree planting will soften it.