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2021-09-28 (Tuesday)


  1. Moo Card Player -

    Using NFC tags stuck to Moo cards, triggering iOS Shortcuts, to play albums. Very nice.


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    @bowbrick Are you sure you want to delete this Memory? This action cannot be undone.

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    @bowbrick Favourite Memories will appear here when you click “Add to Favourite Memories” at the bottom of a Memory.

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    New Memories appear daily in the Memories tab.

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    @tfnolan @samuelpepys There’s a bit of discussion in these annotations…

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    My son just sent me this. Good chap.

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    Most people who make fun of the 17th-century mania for tulips

    - own zero costly tulips
    - have never imported a tulip
    - have never participated in an early modern financial bubble
    - missed out on pineapple mania and the South Sea and Mississippi companies

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    How it started how its going