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2021-08-11 (Wednesday)


  1. Charles Glass · Hush-Hush Boom-Boom: Spymasters · LRB 12 August 2021

    Interesting account of how the CIA was formed and quite how often it’s failed.


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    @dracos Yes, to the edge of the window. For me it only wraps at around 110ish characters, no matter how wide or narrow I make the window. I’ve tried everything I can think of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    @ianbetteridge Ta. I didn’t even know there was a default Mail client. But then I haven’t used Windows regularly since work made me (2002).

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    @JamesWallis Thanks!

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    @dracos No problem. If you happen to know how to get the New Mail window to soft wrap the lines of text when writing an HTML email, I’m all ears.

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    Windows users - what nice, simple IMAP email client do you use, or would recommend?

    I’m struggling to get Thunderbird to soft wrap lines of text and about to throw it out the window.

    hashtag parental tech support

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    @IrisClasson Hi Iris, Could you Private message me a link of the project so i can send it on trough to the technical staff.

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    counterpoint: I've often wondered what society would be like if everyone had to edit a magazine for users of 8-bit word processors during the mid-1990s, but apparently this policy would be "impractical" and "unethical" to carry out?…

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    You can always tell someone who’s worked in the service industry. I’ve long thought that society would probably be better off if everyone was forced to work for a year after school waiting tables or tending bar and live solely off the wage they earned.…