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2021-07-09 (Friday)


  1. Building Monocle, a universal personal search engine for life |

    “Monocle is a full text search engine indexed on my personal data, like my blog posts and essays, nearly a decade of journal entries, notes, contacts, Tweets, and hopefully more in the future…” (via @tomcritchlow)

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    When I was born, in 1971, there were 10 million cars in the UK, with an average width of 1.55m. Now there are 32m cars, with an average width of 1.94m.

    32m big cars, parked up 96% of the time.
    Our roads are clogged with big, parked cars.
    MT: @susanclaris
    Graphic via @Tsrognitram

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    My head sometimes amuses itself by inventing Pub names.

    The Bishop and Hippo
    The Hoxton Milf
    The Ratio
    The Greenwich Pip
    The Tuesday Comedown
    The Otter’s Pocket
    The Barely Inn
    The Tun Up