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2021-02-25 (Thursday)


  1. Mastdata Map

    Potentially useful UK mobile coverage maps (although it shows zero coverage for most services around us, when there is at least some).


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    Still looking for ad-hoc contracting opportunities. I can do retainers for up to 1 day / week or project work. I've worked across #climate #energy #iot #smartcities #agtech and more. Please share, it's a little harder to find work from home these days!

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    Why is it that music newsletters are (apparently) only started by men?

    (This from an article in the Guardian’s iPad app which doesn’t provide a link to the web version and I can’t find it on their site 🤷‍♂️)

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    @annegalloway @falconfarming @SJRestaurant Awww. 👋🏻 Looking forward to seeing you again sometime, hopefully also involving lovely food somewhere!