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2021-02-05 (Friday)


  1. Homebrew Python Is Not For You // Justin Mayer

    I think I’ve escaped this by using pyenv (and/with pipenv) but it’s such a mess. (via @simonw)

  2. Disqus, the dark commenting system

    If comments are important enough to to have on your site, host your own (not what this article concludes, but what I say).


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    @_SlowRain_ Sorry not to be clear - it'll continue on both Mastodon and Twitter.

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    @_SlowRain_ Yes. They finish next year and should re-start at the beginning of 2023.

    Last time it started, Twitter only allowed 140 characters, so whether I get round to un-editing some of those tweets/toots now that there's more capacity is another matter!

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    the 90s: the internet will democratise everything!
    the 20s: everyone under 30 now works an additional 8 hours a day being what is essentially a children's tv presenter.