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2020-11-06 (Friday)


  1. James Lasdun · Bats on the Ceiling: The Gospel of St Karen · LRB 24 September 2020

    This was a good read about a con involving some ancient, supposedly biblical, papyrus.


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    @dotcode So pure.

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    @DeanVipond You're right. There's no way that a "web site" could successfully list jobs. Only an App will do!

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    @DeanVipond I liked that. It's been a while though, so I forget – maybe the "real" site didn't work much better…

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    Clearing up screenshots on my desktop, I found these of a few websites listing job vacancies, which I visited with JavaScript turned off. These are the full page in the browser.

    It amazes me that web developers who make sites like this get hired but what do I know.

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    Interested in getting into cyberpunk fiction?

    I prepared a handy guide to help you figure out which authors you might like! 😊